›› Yes, 23x2=46

That is 23 from your mom, and 23 from your dad!

No wonder a child would somewhat resemble ma and pa!

Before the 23 are paired up, your parents have modified them to make YOU better than a simple sum up of them! Well in most cases.

›› My own book of chromosomes (sequences)?

Yes! You very own chromosome sequence, The book of your life, 3 billion letters long!

My Own?

A Boring Excerpt from MY book

  1 acatttgctt ctgacacaac tgtgttcact agcaacctca aacagacacc atggtgcatc

 61 tgactcctgA ggagaagtct gccgttactg ccctgtgggg caaggtgaac gtggatgaag

121 ttggtggtga ggccctgggc aggctgctgg tggtctaccc ttggacccag aggttctttg

   181 agtcctttgg ggatctgtcc actcctgatg ctgttatggg caaccctaag gtgaaggctc...

This is actually part of the istructions (a gene) on how to make my red blood cell protein. Three letters (well, they are called bases in biological jargon) together is a code and ATG is always the start! If someone inherited the letter A as T from both parents, the person will have sickle cell anemia.

You may have noticed there are only four letters: A, T, G and C. The combinations of them make you a you, different from any other person, anyone else, even your parents and siblings!

›› But why do I want and need it?

Like any other procedures, there could be rare errors made when the 23 from your ma paired with the 23 from your pa. Some of the errors are big like the whole chromosome number 21 being duplicated (the person bearing the extra copy will have Down Syndrome) and some are minor like missing or one letter changed which is called mutations or SNP (pronounced snip) like that caused a type of inherited sickle cell anemia. This website talks about a lot of the diseases related to big changes in your chromosome, while this website talks about the small changes.


sample image

It is easier than ever to have your own book of life! And in a format you can read, with the information you need to manage your own life.

Email me if you are interested in finding out how sequencing your own genome could help you managing your life!